Essential Living Vermi-Composter (for worm composting)



The Essential Living Composter is the 3rd generation of worm composters created by FCMP Outdoor.

Building on the tremendous success of the original “Classic” Living Composter, the newly released Essential Living Composter offers all the same design features at a budget-friendly price.

1) A moisture control water retention channel runs around the outside of each tray. Instead of allowing the liquids to fall directly through the tray this channel gathers moisture to prevent the bedding from drying out along the edges.

2) When it’s time to expand your living composter a collection of 52 angled tunnels extend down from the base of each tray directly into the bedding of the tray below. This provides ample opportunity for worms to migrate between trays.

3) Aeration is important for happy worms and good compost. A series of support points are molded into the lower edge of the trays. This raises the trays slightly allowing 360 degrees of airflow across the bedding.

In addition to our proprietary features both models of the Living Composter have all the features traditionally found in top end vermicomposters. 1) The liquid collected in the reservoir base is known as worm tea. Mix 1 part tea with 1 part water to create an excellent fertilizer for plants. 2) The speed and efficiency of the vermicomposting process keeps typical composing odor to a minimum and allows the unit to be kept inside and used year-round. 3) Constructed from BPA free, UV inhibited, recycled polypropylene the plastic is contact safe and will not degrade if outside under direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, despite all the great features of the Essential Living Composter we are unable to send the worms needed to make it work. To purchase the red wiggler worms for your composter a quick internet search should help you find a company that can ship them to you quickly.


Plastic: Polypropylene (PP)
Assembled Dimensions: 15″D x 15″W x 21-1/4″H
Total Volume: 0.8 cu ft / 6 Gallon / 22 Litre

How to Assemble

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